Novelist Reynolds Price said there is one sentence all humankind craves to hear: “The Maker of all things loves and wants me.”  That is the sentence Jesus proclaimed, loud as sweet thunder.  The Maker of all things is the Maker of all human beings, an odd species that He, unfathomably, deemed worthy of individual attention and love.  He demonstrated that love in person, on the gnarly hills of Palestine, and ultimately on the cross.

What the prophets spoke about, Jesus lived.  “I have engraved you on the palms of My hands,” God said in Isaiah’s day.  When He visited earth in the form of a Servant, He showed that the hand of God is not too big for the smallest person in the world.  It is a hand engraved with our individual names and engraved also with wounds, the cost to God of loving us so much.

— Philip Yancey in “The Bible Jesus Read”

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